Zac Ruzicka - Social Content Director


  • At the age of 18 I became the youngest writer of the first digital-only media company in Czech Republic: Internet Info
  • Internship at one of the leading creative agencies in the world: DDB
  • Helped to launch “Our Food. Your Questions.” campaign for McDonald’s on the European market
  • Yahoo Editorial chose my photos to be included in the “Best of Black and White Photography” compilation worldwide
  • I won an award for the best UK Student Short Film 2017 and have had my film screened at festivals all over the world

My Story

Born in the year of the Velvet Revolution in Prague, Czech Republic in 1989, I’ve always had a soft spot for misfits, rebels and troublemakers.

First I found that if I wrote something, I would be able to put my emotions into words rather than running around shouting and jumping, that helped me to grow up. Secondly I realised that if I learned how to capture an image, I’d be able to be even more expressive. Third, I dedicated myself to learn how to create an image that moves.

And then it all changed…

Social media took over the world and I was able to take all of my creations and share them with everyone. It was exciting and led me towards different types of jobs, from small to big, from mundane to exciting, from one country to another.

Content creation is at the heart of everything I do and how to get it to people is what I occupy my mind with.