In 2019, the 29ERS have been continuously evolving, innovating and pioneering the video marketing industry. We have created results-driven video content and delivered successful campaigns for our amazing, world-renowned customers.

To celebrate an incredible year, we decided to take a look back over the last 12 months.

Here are the 29ERS 2019 highlights:

29studios Founder & CEO Kev O’Neil shares his favourite moments from the last year and explains how the 29ERS have pushed the boundaries more than ever before.

In 2019, 29studios Founders & CEOs Kev and Gillian O’Neil travelled across the USA to visit our customers in America and documented their adventures across state lines.

In this video, Kev and Gillian talk about travel, loving their work and our four-pillared approach of Strategy, Content, Distribution and Analytics.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to take a well-earned break, even during the festive period.

In this video, Kev talks about the importance of taking a step back to celebrate success and reflect on your accomplishments.

Teamwork and culture are at the centre of 29studios. In this video, Kev shares his proudest moments with the rest of the 29ERS from 2019.

29studios Founder & Creative Director Lynne McGunigal is most proud of the team collaboration at 29studios. With a vast array of skills across strategy and content, Lynne is amazed by how the 29ERS seamlessly work together to deliver incredible results.


This year, we had the opportunity to work with some amazing customers. The 29ERS marked our fifth year creating a variety of world-class video content for Verint. VP of Customer Experience Nancy Porte and Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Ryan Hollenbeck share their thoughts on working with the 29ERS this year.


In this video, 29studios Strategy Director Katelin O’Neil talks about project management and planning for Verint’s Engage conference. With an event that gets bigger and better every year, Katelin explains how she leads the team in preparing for filming.


Technology allows us to work with companies around the world, but nothing compares to face-to-face time with customers. During their travels in 2019, Kev and Gillian met up with Bill Ruddy and Pat Moore of CCL Label in Charlotte, North Carolina to talk all things video marketing.


2019 was our fifth year working with Verint at their annual Engage conference. Being Verint’s video partners at this incredible event is always a highlight of the year. In this video, Kev talks about the preparation that goes on behind-the-scenes.

‘The campaigns we’ve ran for our customers have achieved as much as four times the industry benchmark on social channels, particularly LinkedIn.’ Gillian talks about the 29ER achievements she’s most proud of this year.

Earlier this year, the 29ERS worked again with CCG Homes to create dynamic video content for their new Riverford Gardens development. In this video, Marketing Manager Chris Murray shares his thoughts on what he gained from working with the 29ERS.


‘A lot is probably going to change in the year but what’s going to be the core of it, again, is video.’ With a new year and a brand new decade on the horizon, Kev shares his predictions and goals for 2020.

The ‘20s will be filled with possibilities and technological advancements. But Kev believes video will still be at the heart of the digital transformation.

One of the most important parts of any successful business is relationships. In this video from early 2019, Gillian talks about building relationships with real authenticity, alignment and shared core values.

Another customer we’ve had the pleasure of working for several years is Chivas Brothers. In this video, SHE Specialist James Reilly talks about what he gained from working with the 29ERS.

In September 2019, the 29ERS had a viewing party to watch the groundbreaking Netflix documentary, The Great Hack. From the USA, Kev shared his thoughts on how the transformation of the digital age is changing the way data is used.

Being customer-centric has always been at the heart of the 29ERS formula for success and it works time and again. With a new year and a new decade just around the corner, Gillian shares her goals for 2020 and why customer needs will always be at the core of our strategy.

It’s been an incredible year and decade at 29studios and we’ve loved being able to share our journey on The #29ERS Show.

Thank you to all our amazing customers for a wonderful 2019, see you all in 2020.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the 29ERS!