1) Commitment 

Fixed term projects are for the duration as outlined in your contract. Retainer based projects are on a rolling contract based on a monthly fee for time. If you want to stop then you only need to give us 30 days notice in writing. We are confident you will love our service, however if you decide to cancel the service with us we will be sorry to see you leave.

2) Scheduling & Project Planning

A project plan will be put in place at the start of your project. Fixed term projects will be scheduled to a calendar and a project deadline will be agreed by both parties. Retainer based projects will be tracked against time used. Each component of your project will require a committed and agreed deadline. We will allocate resources to fulfill your contract within the time period. We need your co-operation to work within the agreed time schedule. This will be agreed at the planning stage, signed off by you and will form as part of our contract with you. Reviews of project status will be carried out periodically to ensure that our original agreed schedule is being maintained. No project can be left open ended without a deadline. If we experience continual delay from client end, delay that pushes the project beyond the expiry of the contract date, then we reserve the right to charge additional fees for the duration of the extension.

3) Deviation to contract

Any deviation that will impact on the deadline or change to deliverables as outlined in the contract will be raised immediately and you will be notified by email in order to re establish the schedule deadline and agree on the changed deliverables that will be included within the terms of your contract.

4) Content Creation

Content will be created in line with your project plan. We will create final the content for you, which you will be supplied in digital format. There will be various sign-off stages throughout creation of content on all contracts. You will be notified that you are at a sign-off point. We will accept a sign-off from any single authorized representative of your company. It is your responsibility to make sure that the appointed representative has the authority to sign-off the stages. The stages will be outlined at the planning stage. Once you have signed-off a stage, if for whatever reason you then choose to revisit the previous stage, a cost will be incurred based on our daily rate. Once the sign-off is received we will commence to the next stage. We will factor in 1 set of alterations to drafts for all types of creative content this includes; Strategy documents, scripts, film editing or graphics, any further alterations will incur additional cost.

5) Filming Cancellation

Cancellation to, or postponement of, filming dates is required no later than 48 hours in advance, filming cancelled or postponed with less than 48 hours will incur a cancellation fee of £500.

6) Payment

Fixed term projects will be invoiced at the onset with specified dates that are fixed dates. Retainer Invoices will be sent to you monthly by email on the first of each month with payment due by the 14th. All we ask is that payments are made on time and without delay. Any payments due as agreed on the contract cannot be withheld due to scheduling delays on your part as we will be making the resources available to service your account as per agreed schedules.

7) Distribution of content

If your service includes Distribution, we will, on your behalf, distribute your video content to the agreed sites as per your agreed project; we don’t make the rules on those sites so their rules apply. Any content distributed will remain distributed within the T&C of each 3rd party site. If you wish to deactivate any third-party account you will have the right and access to do so at anytime. We have no control over any content that is uploaded to any online platform once uploaded.

8 ) Analytics

If your service includes Analytics will set up analytics tracking on your video content, using the most appropriate analytics tool for your business. We will provide multi-analytics tools, depending on availability in the market. Changes in analytics provider may occur; in this event we will endeavor to provide an alternative solution. We will provide you with a login to the analytics dashboard to access and view your video performance. We will provide training allowing you to analyse your results. We advise you to keep copies of all Analytics data on your local drives as we are not responsible to store your ongoing analytic data.

9) Email

If your service includes email template design, we will set up an email account with template(s). We will give you access to upload your own database (you protect your own data, we will NEVER use your data). We can provide training on how to run and analyse email results.

10) Storage

We will provide you with your final movie to keep safe. We will distribute your movie on your behalf to online platforms (If you have distribution services with us in your contract). Once the final product has been delivered to you, we advice you to keep safe the files as we are not responsible to keep the final product. We do keep final content for up to 90 days, however, we are not responsible for content in the event of any technical failures.

11) Liability/Safety

We will not be responsible for any data loss due to third party or technical failures. We have public liability insurance for filming on location. Our film team will carry out any risk assessments when on location to make sure the production crew and equipment are safe and that they are no danger to others. In the event of a dangerous hazard the shoot will be rescheduled as safety is our priority. It is essential for you to provide at all times a safe environment for all crew to deliver the service, if not, a reschedule fee will be applied.

12) Data/Privacy

Any content or information you provide that is private will remain private, including passwords for third party sites. (e.g. twitter, or YouTube account). We will not be liable for any breach to your accounts on third party sites. Your email will be added to our mailing list to ensure we keep you updated on services within our companies.

13) Confidentiality & Ownership ©

We will keep any confidential information you provide confidential. Once the project is paid you will own the copyright of the final product. Any raw footage/stock footage we create and working files used in the creation of the content remain the property of 29studios/29steps. If raw content is requested this can be made available at a cost to be negotiated. Working files will never be release at anytime. Once the project is in Public Domain we reserve the right to promote any work we create.

14) Cancellation of service

30 days notice is required to terminate any contract. Should you choose to terminate a fixed term contract, them we will calculate all work carried out to the date of termination and you will be due to make payment for all work carried out. Should you choose to terminate a retainer based contract then no further invoices will be issued to you after the 30 day period. Any work carried out ahead of the payment will be calculated and will fall due at the date of termination. After the notice period we will cease any further distribution of content, and will deactivate your accounts from our system. We will not be responsible for keeping archives of your content.

Our telephone calls may be recorded for training and security purposes.

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