The objective of design is to create something beautiful and functional which communicates a strong message. Our philosophy is that design should also inspire, engage, motivate and compel your audience to complete the goal you have set.

For our company founders, Kev O’Neil and Lynne McGunigal, graphic design has been the core of their creativity from the start of their careers. As born creatives with an artistic eye and flair for entrepreneurship, Kev and Lynne have evolved their passion and talent for graphic design into a diverse and highly creative business offering.

With our core specialism in graphic design, the 29ERS understand that graphic design is about more than what something looks like, it’s about forging a genuine connection between your brand and your customer.

Your brand identity plays a huge role in everything from your social media performance to your ability to convert new customers. Our expert team of creative designers value the importance of compelling and consistent branding which is why we work closely with you to create a full suite of stunning branded assets that you can use in everything from your email signature to your global campaign launch.

With our keen attention to detail and creative vision, the 29ERS have pioneered in the creative industries for over two decades by crafting world-class visual experiences with ingenious design across a variety of projects for a wide range of global customers.

The 29ERS have a refined expertise in creative design but we also have a wealth of experience in digital marketing. Because of this, 29studios is uniquely positioned to offer you a visually stunning creative solution that clearly communicates your message and delivers the results that matter to you.

Whether you have existing brand guidelines or you want to completely reinvent the look and feel of your company, our specialist team of creative designers are equipped to create design bundles for brands like yours to stand out from the competition.

At 29studios, we believe your brand design should go hand-in-hand with your overarching marketing strategy. As expert strategists and content creators,
the 29ERS examine every creative project through an analytical lens to ensure each element of your branding is geared towards achieving your marketing goals.

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