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Capture the moments that matter.

World-class filmmaking.

Whether you need promotional video content for your campaign launch or event, an explainer video for your new product, photography or anything in between, the 29ERS produce content that tells your story.

Filmmaking is about more than just the kit, hardware and software for filming and editing. It’s about pulling out the emotion, unleashing the excitement, demonstrating authenticity and driving the results that matter to you.

With a global customer base, the 29ERS offer world-class filmmaking with on-location filming at a destination of your choice. The 29ERS also produce highly creative content captured through virtual filming with video conferencing software, so you can film with us no matter where you are, in the way that works for you and your project.

Filmmaking with the 29ERS includes a customised video script, underpinned by powerful brand storytelling, and a stunning creative treatment that aligns with your brand.

In the edit suite, the 29ERS craft the footage we capture into compelling, engaging and thought-provoking content that encourages your audience to learn more. By layering the most valuable shots and messages with cinematic music, a powerful voiceover and dynamic visual effects, the 29ERS extract the heart of your story and package it into multiple pieces of outstanding video content.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our global customers had to reschedule live events as in-person filmmaking was put on hold. The 29ERS knew our customers would need our support more than ever to find new, creative ways to stay connected with their communities. By choosing innovation over preservation, the 29ERS went above-and-beyond to innovate for our customers by pivoting strategies to create content remotely.

The 29ERS leveraged video conferencing software to conduct interviews and virtual filming, to create meaningful people-focused content. Through highly creative strategies and the magic of the edit, virtual filming has allowed the 29ERS to deliver multiple pieces of video content for a variety of projects and campaigns, from thought leadership and customer stories to product launches and initiatives.

After a hugely successful pilot, we are delighted to continue to offer virtual filming to our customers, so you have the flexibility to choose on-location filming or virtual filming with the 29ERS.

Take your marketing to another dimension.

Video that stuns and converts.

With extensive experience in filmmaking and a team of expert filmmakers and editors, we specialise in creating original, show-stopping video content that exceeds your expectations and connects with your audience.

Whether you need explainer content, thought leadership stories or a product video, the 29ERS are seasoned experts in producing video content that aligns with your marketing strategy.

At 29studios, we keep your goals at the forefront of every project to ensure that you have high-quality cinematic content that also delivers your key business objectives.

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