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Turn your event into an experience.

Capture the magic of your event.

Events provide a goldmine opportunity for you to build meaningful connections with your customers. But with more companies than ever running their own conferences and exhibitions, how do you ensure your message is heard through the noise?

The answer is by giving your customers what they want: interactive content and valuable experiences.

Live event video production packages with the 29ERS provide you complete peace of mind knowing that we are on hand to support you with creating content pre, during and post-event – delivering a customised content strategy and a full suite of deliverables for you to leverage throughout the year.

The 29ERS have travelled across the United States and Europe to capture content at customer events and we deliver an outstanding experience every time.

Before your event, the 29ERS support you with a suite of creative content to create awareness and encourage registrations. With a highly creative infographic style, we use your event branding to create social-friendly content to educate your audience and promote your conference or exhibition

When your event commences, the 29ERS travel to you to capture content. Attendees, customers and partners at your event are always looking for valuable, educational and engaging content to consume. And the 29ERS help you make your event the best it can be by creating content to be played as part of your presentations. This can include main stage video presentations, workshop videos, product demonstration videos, interactive gamified experiences, photography and beyond.

The 29ERS also empower you to maximise the content creation opportunities at the event itself by filming customer stories and testimonials, thought leadership with your team, main stage sessions, keynote speeches, breakout sessions and anything else you require. We then comb through the footage, construct a narrative and innovate with a creative edit style to deliver a full suite of multiple pieces of evergreen content for you to use in your marketing efforts.

Today, location is no barrier to creativity, networking or even attending events.

Virtual events give your customers the freedom to attend no matter where they are. This also gives you the power to connect with your customers at scale by delivering valuable, interactive digital experiences.

To attract attention in the competitive landscape of webinars and digital events, you need a keen competitive advantage. That’s where the 29ERS come in.

As well as live event video production, the 29ERS also offer virtual filming conducted through video conferencing software and record content with your team or customers. We then produce a highly creative edit to enable you to share content within your event.

Maximise opportunities.

Create evergreen content.

The 29ERS have had the opportunity to travel extensively to capture live event content for our customers including Verint, the customer engagement company. Since 2014, 29studios has worked with Verint to help them capture impactful videos across a range of live events and other video projects.

For Engage, their annual customer conference, the 29ERS have travelled to Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas and beyond to create customer and partner stories, promotional videos and more.

The key impact of having a dedicated and experienced film crew at your conference or exhibition is that it gives you the opportunity to capture the magic of your event. With so many experts, customers, partners and exhibitors in one room, you have access to an abundance of valuable insight and the 29ERS help you conceptualise a plan to capture as many as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about our work, hear from our customers and watch more videos on our customer stories channel.

How do the 29ERS support your event?

Enhance your event with video.

Awareness videos


Creating impactful awareness is the first step towards a successful event.

The 29ERS help you generate a buzz around your event by creating awareness videos to peak the interest of your audience. This teaser content builds demand and anticipation.

Promotional videos


To drive attendance, you need to launch a compelling promotional campaign.

The 29ERS support your promotions by creating show-stopping video content, designed to attract attention and compel your target audience to register.

In-event videos


Retaining attention during your event is just as important as getting sign ups.

The 29ERS enhance your event with powerful, exclusive video content that adds real value and keeps your audience engaged throughout the experience.

Filming at your event


When your customers are sharing their opinions and your speakers are sharing their insights, you should be capturing these moments.

The 29ERS film and identify the highlights from your event. With this footage, our creatives turn the focal points into evergreen video content.

Event highlight videos


After your event, keep the momentum and engagement going by sharing the highlights.

Showcasing the highlights from your event including keynote speeches, product demonstrations and activities is a great way to increase your social media engagement and build anticipation for your next event.

Post-event videos


Events are the ideal place to capture a diverse range of evergreen video content for your business.

At 29studios, we work with you to ensure you leverage your event to its full potential by crafting in-event customer testimonial videos, thought leadership pieces, promotional videos for your new product or initiative and beyond.

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