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Demand attention with your slide decks.

Forge a new creative partnership.

Our partnership with you goes beyond the creative build of your slide deck. The 29ERS work with you to: identify your key points of difference, construct a cohesive structure for your presentation inline with your goals, write concise messaging and, most importantly, craft a stunning creative treatment with world-class visuals that your audience will remember long after your presentation.

At 29studios, our creative team continually innovates with fresh ideas for high-end design to craft presentations that demand attention and wow your customers, colleagues and partners.

Whether you need a personalised slide deck to close a deal or a generic presentation to introduce your brand at an event, the 29ERS can help you leave a lasting impression that compels your audience to engage with you.

Reinvent your slide decks.

Creative that captivates your audience.

Avoid death by PowerPoint. Instead, ensure that you always impress your audience with highly creative, beautifully designed slide decks.

Whether you’re trying to sell to a potential customer, pitch a new project to your team or present results to stakeholders, slide decks are an essential, but often neglected, part of your branded assets. But a visually engaging presentation from the 29ERS that oozes quality, with consistent branding, stunning visual assets and photorealistic 3D animation, will leave your audience amazed and keen to learn more.

Slide decks are often overlooked or created at the last minute. But when you invest time and resources into building your brand and website, why would you take for granted one of the most crucial assets that is often the final step before closing a sale? A premium slide deck with striking design, consistent with your existing visual branding, will make your presentation memorable, valuable and give you a superior competitive advantage.

The 29ERS know your company presentations are valuable tools that enable you to demonstrate the quality of your offering, build trust and even convert leads into customers. This is why we don’t create a one-size-fits-all template for your slide deck. Instead, we work with you to create a customised and highly specialised presentation for every occasion – enabling you to maximise every opportunity.

Protecting your brand.

Slide decks created in confidence.

Slide deck design is often managed entirely in-house because the contents of your company presentations can be highly sensitive and confidential.

At 29studios, we understand the importance of protecting your brand and we regularly sign NDAs with our world-leading B2B customers. So, if you’re presenting a brand new beta product or showcasing research that hasn’t hit the market yet, you can rest assured that the 29ERS are partnering with you in strict confidentiality.

With this peace of mind, you can engage the 29ERS to build a creative design that aligns specifically with the contents and goal of your slide deck. This exclusive insight enables our creative designers to craft bespoke and highly relevant visuals that elevate your presentation and engage your audience like never before.

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