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Digital transformation is leaving no business untouched. In the B2B industry, integrated digital communications are not a luxury anymore, they are a necessity.

The 29ERS understand that growing your business in a continually evolving market and planning for the future in the face of change can be overwhelming.

Whether you need to obtain more leads, upskill your sales team or completely transform your business development strategy, the 29ERS are your dedicated consultants.

Achieving short-term wins isn’t enough to propel your business on a stable trajectory of growth. Instead of focusing on vanity metrics and quick fixes, the 29ERS specialise in building extensive video marketing strategies that set your business on a path to long-lasting success.

From creating brand awareness to lead generation, video is a powerful tool for building brand affinity and accelerating growth.

To help more businesses discover the largely untapped potential of B2B video, we have developed a proven model for business development through our specialisms: consultancy, creative and campaigning.

With two decades of experience in the marketing and creative industries, the 29ERS have proven the power of social video time and again.

As B2B video marketing experts, we develop strategies, create world-class content, execute global campaigns and deliver outstanding results. But we are also your partners in long-term business development.

To start your journey with the 29ERS, we recommend an exploratory session where you share your top-level challenges, current strategy and the goals you want to set. The 29ERS work strategically to gain a thorough understanding of the core of the issues you are facing. This gives us the insights we need to map your strategy to long-term success.

Our mission is to empower your business to achieve the results it deserves and share your story with the people who matter.

Within this service, the 29ERS work with you to cover your:

  • Vision & Goals
  • Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Brand Purpose & Value Proposition
  • Product Proposition
  • Campaign Planning
  • Business Development & Sales Strategy

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