Make Intelligent Video

We are a Video Marketing Agency who pioneered Make Intelligent Video™. Our proven business model is delivered through the 4 pillars of Strategy, Content, Distribution, Analytics.


Understanding what you want to achieve is at the heart of everything we do. Working with our customers we gain insight into your business, your audience, your market or your culture within.


Every business has different needs, different aims, objectives and different goals. Depending where your business is on your business path, your needs are different. The challenge is defining them and then applying a strategy that creates powerful outcomes to achieve your business vision. The 29ERS focus is on your goals. At the start of our relationship we deep dive into your objectives, we get to understand your business, we understand the journey that you are on and where you aim to take your business. By truly working together we join our creative thinking with tactical communications and lay the foundations of your content strategy. Often our customers have multi objectives, raise your profile in your market,  enter a new market, enhancing your sales pipeline, launching new product, a brand refresh, you may be on an acquisition trail or gearing for exit, a recruitment drive or experiencing change culture. We understand these challenges/opportunities and support you to achieve your goals.


We map your goals and measure the successful outcomes. In a digital world we are submersed in data, metrics are plentiful. Performance indicators are all around us, often overwhelming, that is where 29studios help you to set realistic goals that work to give you an ROI (Return on Investment).


Content is all around us, you may not even realise that your business has hidden intellectual property (IP) within your current content. Your brand can truly be reflective through your content strategy. It’s critical that you have a cohesive content strategy to communicate your companies DNA to tell your story. 29studios will help you to clearly identify the correct content tools that are relevant to your audience and should cut across all mediums, videos, the written word, podcast, pictures, graphics, animation. Your social currency is measured by your content value. It’s part of our successful model at 29studios to ensure we cover your content landscape that is appropriate to your business and to your customers. Content strategy is a tailored approach.

29studios are experts in content creation, we create compelling stories that resonate with your audience.


We live in a world where everyone and every business can be a media company. Broadcasting through multiple channels your business messages. Never before has there been such a variety of options than there are right now.

How you distribute your content is critical, you need a partner that understands your business and can help you create a consistent and compelling story.  29studios will guide you to the right platforms that are best for your business to distribute your content at the right time where your audiences are, and where they are ready to engage with your business. Distribution strategy can be fearful and complex, there is often opportunity paralysis, not understanding which channels to focus on for your business. That’s why 29studios can guide you through this landscape with clarity.


It’s not the quantity of data but the quality of information that empowers you to make decisions. Video is immersive, and thus the intelligence behind video can, if targeted correctly will achieve your goal. Data across the digital platforms, YouTube, Wistia, Vidyard, Sprout, Twitter, Linkedin, Sales Navigator, Facebook, Instagram give you insight to how your content is being consumed, with accurate analytics to measure your campaign success.   

29studios enable you with the right data analytics that give you the power to make measured decisions in both your content strategy and your business.

Customer Stories

We are delighted to be working with our customers on Strategy, Content, Distribution & Analytics.