Project Description

King’s View


City Legacy

Video Marketing

Video was used as an integral part of the marketing for the King’s View development. We used drone footage and visual effects to create a suite of videos that included a teaser and promotional video for the development. We also created and distributed a unique suite of videos for house buyers that enhanced the customer experience Cruden were able to offer. The videos gave customers the chance to see their house being built from the foundations up.

Our analytics service allowed Cruden to measure the ROI on their videos, as we were able to provide information on customers who watched the original sales video and went on to purchase a property.

29studios provided training to Cruden on how to setup and manage their Facebook page and run campaigns. Through social media advertising, Cruden were able to run a campaign to reach around 17,000+ potential first time buyers in Glasgow and generate traffic on the appropriate properties on the King’s View and Baron’s Vale websites.