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An Incredible Charity

The Beatson Cancer Charity is an incredible charity that is very close to our hearts. We are proud to work together, creating amazing video content to raise awareness, vital funds and support.

We continue to work on a variety of diverse projects together for social campaigns throughout the year, including, Christmas and Summer Appeals, event coverage and fundraising movies to promote Off The Beatson Track, their biggest Team Beatson walk through Glasgow. The people of Beatson have inspiring stories to share, and we love finding creative and impactful ways to tell these stories.

We are delighted with the impressive results the movies have gained. Their most successful campaign so far, the 2015 Christmas Bauble Appeal, raised £30,000 over a 4 week period. During this period the movies had 1032 likes and 48K views. This is an amazing achievement and a large degree of engagement over a short period of time.

We firmly believe that every client should get a return on their investment (ROI) whether that’s in time, value, sales or awareness and we are extremely happy that Beatson are successful in doing so with every campaign. Making significant changes to thousands of people’s lives with the money raised.