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Meet the 29studios Leadership Team.

Get to know the original 29ERS.

Kev O'Neil

Founder & CEO

Kev is an experienced, passionate graphic designer and serial entrepreneur of over 20 years. By continually striving for innovation, experimentation and boundless creativity, he is a pioneer of Make Intelligent Video™. Kev is an international presenter and global award winner. He also presented at the Google and YouTube Conference in California.

Gillian O'Neil

Founder & CEO

Gillian is a serial entrepreneur in the creative and technology space. With exceptional focus and passion for adding value to our customers through Make Intelligent Video™, Gillian is the lead strategist within the company. As an analytical and creative thinker, Gillian is continually driving the international expansion of the company in the US and beyond.

Lynne McGunigal

Founder & Creative Director

Leading the creative team, Lynne directs projects across 3D animation, graphic design, video production and web design. Lynne develops creative guidelines across the four pillars of Make Intelligent Video™ and injects creativity into every project. Lynne is continually innovating with the customer in mind and pushing the boundaries of design and video.

Katelin O’Neil Dunleavy

Sales & Marketing Director

Leading the sales and marketing team, Katelin directs the key accounts within the company, translating customer needs into successful projects and measurable outcomes. As an expert strategist and project director, Katelin works directly with clients and has been instrumental in the development of our Make Intelligent Video™ business model.

Our history.

The journey from 1998 to today.


The 29ERS innovated during the coronavirus pandemic to remotely deliver 800+ pieces of video content in a 12 week period for three industry-leading customers, across manufacturing, bioscience and technology, who transitioned to online events and marketing campaigns.


29studios executed 200+ global campaigns in the B2B space, generating thousands of hours of video consumption and thousands of leads through campaign delivery while delivering on the biggest Verint Engage conference yet with a crew of 20+ 29ERS in Orlando, Florida.


The 29ERS expanded our 3D offering and introduced Make Intelligent Video™ and content services into the global packaging industry with leading manufacturer, CCL Industries.


Expanding into the B2B corporate market, the 29ERS launched our services into the corporate manufacturing health and safety world with results-led analytical training content, tracking user engagement whilst training.


29studios embarked on their first large scale international project in Las Vegas with the delivery of live event content for the global technology giant, Verint.


The 29ERS launched Make Intelligent Video™ into the domestic Scottish and UK market within the SME and charity sectors - bringing results and analytics into video.


29studios began expansion in the US market with Gillian and Kev winning a global award in Los Angeles for their entrepreneurial endeavours in the tech and content space.


Katelin followed in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial parents and joined the company as we established our new home in the heart of Glasgow, our city centre studio known as the 29ERS Pirate Bar.


29studios was born, Lynne co-founded the start up with Gillian and Kev, after working together for almost a decade.


Kev and Gillian launched Scotland’s first international award-winning B2B video platform, Moviecom.


Lynne joined Kev and Gillian as one of the first creative designers in their graphic design business.


Kev and Gillian started their first of many entrepreneurial businesses in graphic design and technology, transitioning through the emerging video landscape from traditional to digital through the decade and evolved as video became the essential business tool.

Where it all began.

Our origin story.

After meeting on a blind date at 18-years-old, Kev and Gillian O’Neil had the burning ambition to run their own business. With Kev’s expertise in graphic design and creative alongside Gillian’s mastery of communications and strategy, the couple took the leap and founded their first graphic design business in 1998.

Lynne McGunigal joined Kev and Gillian in 2000 as one of their first creative designers. By 2009, after working together for almost a decade, serial entrepreneurs Kev and Gillian with long-time business partner and friend Lynne decided to set up a new business together and 29studios was born.

Transitioning through the emergence of the video landscape and being early adopters of video data and analytics, the founders’ wealth of experience, expertise and entrepreneurial spirit are woven into the fabric of 29studios.

Family values.

Being a 29ER runs in the DNA.

In 2010, Katelin O’Neil Dunleavy followed in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial parents and joined the company as a filmmaker and editor. As Katelin innovated alongside the company, she moved into the client-facing side of the business and progressed to become Sales & Marketing Director.

As the company grew and the leadership team anticipated the emerging interest in video analytics, they pivoted the business, found their niche in the B2B industry and transformed into a results-driven video marketing agency.

With a keen focus on anticipating the future of the industry and their customers’ needs, their mission shifted to encompass lead generation, powerful video ad campaigns and expert business development.

Through this innovation, Make Intelligent Video™ was born. Consisting of the four pillars (Video Strategy, Content Creation, Campaign Distribution and Lead Generation and Analytics), 29MIV is the 29ERS’ pioneering full-service video marketing package.

Our culture.

What it means to be a 29ER.

Today, the family-run business has grown into a tight-knit team of passionate and dedicated video marketing experts.

While Kev and Gillian focus on our international growth and the overarching mission and vision of 29studios, Lynne leads our creative team while Katelin heads up our team of video strategists, account managers and analytics experts.

With a life-long passion for collaboration and building meaningful relationships, the 29ERS have always considered our customers as part of our family which is why we go above-and-beyond to exceed their expectations and become partners for life.

Thought-leaders and innovators.

The 29ERS Show.

True to our DNA, the 29ERS were the first in Scotland to launch our own agency show, The 29ERS Show.

Now with 250K+ views and 130+ episodes, we have documented our projects and international business trips with our global customers. The show has blazed the trail in the creative industry in Scotland, inspiring many startups to create their own.

The 29ERS Show started as a behind-the-scenes look into agency life, documenting our growth and legacy. Rooted in a mindset of ambition, passion, dedication and innovation, 29studios is continually pioneering and inventing new ways to create outstanding content that delivers the results our customers’ need.

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