Don’t just make video, Make Intelligent Video™


What is Make Intelligent Video™?

Make Intelligent Video™ is our core video marketing campaign package, pioneered by the 29ERS.

Designed to generate high-quality leads, our full-service model has been tried, tested and perfected to deliver outstanding results through laser-focused video marketing campaigns. The four pillars are: 1) Video Strategy, 2) Content Creation, 3) Campaign Management & Distribution and 4) Lead Generation & Analytics.

As your B2B video marketing experts, the 29ERS strategise, create, launch and report, so you can focus on what you do best.


1. Video Strategy

Do you want to generate more high-quality leads, boost sales, rebrand or modernise your sales and marketing process?

Every project should start with a clear aim which is why the first pillar of Make Intelligent Video™ is creating a bespoke strategy underpinned by your overarching business goals.

The 29ERS deep-dive into strategy sessions, industry research and video scriptwriting, all in close collaboration with you, to ensure we deliver the results you need.


2. Content Creation

Social video presents unrivalled growth opportunities for B2B companies. Video isn’t the future of B2B sales and marketing, it’s accelerating now.

With our team of innovative 3D artists, creative designers, filmmakers and editors, we create world-class video content. From 3D product prototyping to explainer videos and beyond, the 29ERS communicate complex concepts through a simple and visually stunning medium.

But it doesn’t stop at video. Our creative team has expertise in graphic design, web design, branding assets, slide decks, app development and more.


3. Campaign Management & Distribution

So, you have a suite of custom video content. But how do you make sure your target audience sees it? The 29ERS take care of that part, too.

With our dedicated campaign management team, we build a laser-focused campaign plan to target the specific companies and people you want to reach with your video marketing campaign.

With ad copy handcrafted to appeal to your audience, we distribute your video ads to the right people and accompany your campaign with community management to improve the consistency of your online presence.


4. Lead Generation & Analytics

At 29studios, we turn numbers into people.

Video analytics may seem vast and overwhelming but the 29ERS make it simple. With our analytics experts, we mine, format and closely analyse the data from your video marketing campaign. 

With the results, we generate the high-quality leads your sales team needs and create an easy-to-read campaign report packed with actionable results and impactful recommendations. We even walk you through the report to ensure you’re making the most of the valuable insights we deliver.

This product package not only generates leads but it creates brand awareness, a consistent tone of voice, valuable content assets and business growth.


Are you ready to Make Intelligent Video™?

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