Turn numbers into people.

Lead Generation & Analytics is the fourth and final pillar of Make Intelligent Video™ (29MIV), following Video Strategy, Content Creation and Campaign Distribution.

Video has an unrivalled ability to engage and compel your audience. Within seconds, a well-executed video can put a face to the name of your brand and tell your story in a memorable way with aesthetic appeal.

Video is instrumental in building brands, raising awareness and attracting new customers. But it also has huge untapped potential, particularly in the B2B industry, for analytics and lead generation.

With advances in analytics technologies and platforms, there are a multitude of insightful data points we can now gain from social video. More than that, we use video marketing campaigns to capture and qualify high-quality leads for your business.

Data-driven and customer-centric.

From our robust strategies to world-class creative and beyond, everything we do revolves around achieving the results you need.

To ensure you gain as much value as possible, we tailor your campaign management and analytics plan to extract the results that matter to you.

Included in this pillar of 29MIV is Centre Stage, your private gallery of content presented in a beautiful video channel. With your own 29studios login, you’ll have easy access to all your campaign videos, created by the 29ERS.

As a 29MIV customer, you’ll also have value-add free beta access to EventStacks. Created by the 29ERS, this intelligent and exclusive solution enables you to discover the easy way to turn numbers into people with all your unique campaign analytics centralised in one place with your own secure login and customised dashboard.

How do the 29ERS manage video ad campaigns?

Delivering high-quality leads

Lead Generation

Our laser-focused approach to targeting ensures that your video marketing campaign is served directly to the people you want to become your customers.

The 29ERS then capture the leads who engaged with your campaign and deliver them to you through EventStacks, your customised dashboard where you can easily view all your campaign leads and data in one place.

Analysing your campaign performance


With the 29ERS, you don’t need to wade through pages of complicated data points. Instead, we build your report to show the meaningful results you’re interested in.

We use a combination of analytics tools and platforms to analyse your campaign and get a comprehensive view of its performance. This allows us to package these insights into an easy-to-read report that is relevant to your goals.

What else is included in Make Intelligent Video™?

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