How do the 29ERS create world-class content?

Your visual branding is fundamental to telling your story.

Content Creation is the second of the four pillars of Make Intelligent Video™. With the first pillar being Video Strategy, Content Creation is then followed by Campaign Distribution and Lead Generation & Analytics.

All of your branded assets, video content and messaging combine to create your unique brand identity which is why the 29ERS specialise in creating beautiful, memorable and cutting-edge content.

Once your custom-built strategy is in place, our creatives bring your project to life.

From brainstorming sessions, storyboarding and asset creation to animation, filming and editing, we work with you to ensure that you and your customers are delighted with the end product.

3D Animation.

Unlock the power of 3D.

Today, brands around the world are harnessing the power of 3D animation to amaze their customers and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

With our advanced capabilities and expert 3D artists, the 29ERS build photorealistic assets and the worlds they live in. But more than that, our video content is designed to be a compelling promotional tool that takes your marketing to the next level.

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Graphic Design.

Visionary design with technical excellence.

The objective of design is to create something beautiful and functional which communicates a strong message. Our philosophy is that design should also inspire, engage, motivate and compel your audience to complete the goal you have set.

As creative and analytical thinkers, the 29ERS relish the opportunity to build the vision of your brand and create world-class designs.

Graphic design is about more than what something looks like, it’s about forging a genuine connection between your brand and your customer.

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Discover your story.

From the narration in your videos to the micro-copy on your website, words matter.

When you’re promoting a complex product or service, your message needs to be clear and concise which is why 29ERS always start with your story.

Whether we’re writing video scripts, ad copy or website content for your project, the 29ERS don’t use ‘salesy’ language or confusing jargon. Instead, our copy is laser-focused and engaging, designed to drive the results you want to achieve.

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Film & Edit.

Capture the moments that matter.

Whether you need promotional video content for your campaign launch, an explainer video for your new product or anything in between, the 29ERS produce content that tells your story.

Filmmaking is about more than just the kit, hardware and software. It’s about pulling out the emotion, unleashing the excitement and demonstrating authenticity.

With extensive experience in video production and a team of expert filmmakers and editors, we specialise in creating original, show-stopping video content that connects with your target customer.

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Web Design & Development.

Designing digital experiences.

Your website and app have to be easy to navigate and engage with but they also serve a much bigger purpose.

Your digital platform is the place where you tell the world who you are and why your company matters. This is why your website and app should be rooted in telling the story of how you deliver exceptional products and provide a seamless experience.

Our creative designers start by understanding your goals and expectations. This enables us to build a digital experience for your project that combines functionality with stunning design.

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What else is included in Make Intelligent Video™?

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