How do the 29ERS create world-class content?

Your visual branding is fundamental to telling your story.

Content Creation is the second of the four pillars of Make Intelligent Video™ (29MIV). With the first pillar being Video Strategy, Content Creation is then followed by Campaign Distribution and Lead Generation & Analytics.

Once your strategy and video script are in place, the 29ERS bring your story to life with world-class creative content. As experts in photorealistic 3D product animation and video production, the 29ERS work with you to identify the right creative direction for your project. We then produce a full suite of multiple pieces of content for your laser-focused campaign. Outside of the 29MIV solution, the 29ERS also offer highly creative company presentations, web design and app development within our diverse service offering.

3D Animation.

Photorealistic product animation.

Showcasing your products in 3D opens up a whole new world of limitless opportunities for personalisation, stunning micro-detail and interactivity for your audience.

While photography is limited to the editing of static images, our photorealistic 3D animation and virtual/augmented reality experiences enable a fully customisable 360° view of your product with infinite zoom and the flexibility to adapt, change and perfect every element.

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Company Presentations.

Reinvent how you present.

With our core specialism in graphic design, the 29ERS know your company presentations are about much more than the basic information they communicate. They are valuable tools that enable you to illustrate the quality of your products and services, build trust, demonstrate credibility and convert leads into customers.

A highly creative slide deck from the 29ERS that oozes quality with consistent branding, stunning visual assets and high resolution 3D stills will leave your audience stunned and keen to learn more.

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Discover your story.

From the narration in your videos to the micro-copy on your website, words matter.

When you’re promoting a complex product or service, your message needs to be clear and concise which is why 29ERS always start with your story.

Whether we’re writing video scripts, ad copy or website content for your project, the 29ERS don’t use ‘salesy’ language or confusing jargon. Instead, our copy is laser-focused and engaging, designed to drive the results you want to achieve.

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Video Production.

Capture the moments that matter.

Whether you need promotional video content for your campaign launch, an explainer video for your new product or anything in between, the 29ERS produce content that tells your story.

Video production is about more than just the kit, hardware and software. It’s about pulling out the emotion, unleashing the excitement and demonstrating authenticity. It’s about telling the story and driving the results that matter to you.

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Web Design & Development.

Designing digital experiences.

Your website and app have to be easy to navigate and engage with but they also serve a much bigger purpose.

Your digital platform is the place where you tell the world who you are and why your company matters. This is why your website and app should be rooted in telling the story of how you deliver exceptional products and provide a seamless experience.

Our creative designers start by understanding your goals and expectations. This enables us to build a digital experience for your project that combines functionality with stunning design.

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