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Why does campaign distribution matter?

Campaign Distribution is the third of the four pillars of Make Intelligent Video™ (29MIV). After Video Strategy and Content Creation, Campaign Distribution is followed by Lead Generation & Analytics.

Creating video content is an art, distributing that content is a science.

Once you have your suite of custom video content, the next step is serving that campaign to your target audience.

Your first instinct may be to share your content with the world and start running ads. But without a solid strategy, your campaign won’t generate the impact or results it deserves.

Building a laser-focused distribution plan for your video ads is fundamental to the success of your campaign.

Creativity powered by analytics.

At 29studios, our dedicated campaign management team builds the formula for your campaign success by continually innovating new strategies, fresh ideas and creative marketing techniques.

Once your campaign video content is finalised, the 29ERS build your video ads and your customised video channel. Your video channel acts as an exclusive, cinematic viewing experience for your audience. (Wondering what a video channel looks like? Check out our Showreels channel.)

As B2B video experts, the 29ERS understand the complexity and importance of campaign management which is why we take care to form a plan that will elevate your message and launch your campaign with a bang.

How do the 29ERS manage video ad campaigns?

Building your roadmap to success


At 29studios, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to campaign management. Instead, we create a custom campaign plan that is unique to your project, your industry and your target audience.

To maximise your campaign performance, the 29ERS:

  • Research your company and industry
  • Identify the companies and people you want to target
  • Highlight target customers you may have missed
  • Determine which platform is most suitable for your campaign
  • Write compelling ad copy designed to appeal to your audience

Launching your campaign


The 29ERS are committed to doing everything we can to ensure your campaign achieves the results you need which is why we manage your campaign pre, during and post launch.

Our in-depth approach allows us to:

  • Create your video ads and video channel
  • Launch your campaign with a bang
  • Serve your video ads to your target audience
  • Monitor your campaign daily
  • Support campaign performance with community management

What else is included in Make Intelligent Video™?

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