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How we use creativity and process to Make Intelligent Video

Creativity, as difficult as it is to define, is chaotic by nature. It is often thought that bureaucracy hinders the creative process. Too many rigid instructions can even spoil the end product altogether.

Restricting creativity is the wrong way to go. But implementing process and clear expectations allows creative teams to set off in the right direction from the get-go, and then go above-and-beyond.

Here’s a tip: Develop an exercise for your team to analyse your workflow. You can use the findings to make improvements and streamline your processes.

The four-pillared approach to success

To be successful, any marketing agency needs to straddle the line between the creative and the analytical.

With our four-pillared approach (Strategy, Content, Distribution, Analytics), 29studios has found its sweet spot. We can bring on the chaos while refining it with process.

Finding the secret sauce to Make Intelligent Video

This end-to-end service allows us to touch all bases to meet the client’s needs with our initiative to Make Intelligent Video.

Making content for the sake of content, and hoping it generates leads that are ready to convert isn’t a tried-and-tested method for success. But strategy, content, distribution, and analytics is.

Here’s a tip: Strive to create meaningful content. Agree on a measurable goal before the project starts. Ideas for video content include interviews, vlogs, and webinars.

With this approach, we at 29studios are able to divide the workload and have the right #29ERS contribute to components of a project before passing it on for the next phase. This means each project evolves through a carefully-constructed workflow with all the #29ERS lending their expertise, each with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.

This formula for success allows the business to scale and streamlines the process of taking a project from a small idea to an established, successful campaign.

29studios is the results-driven video marketing agency behind Make Intelligent Video™.

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