Distribution & Analytics

Continuing with business as usual is tempting when it’s worked for you so far. But sticking with the status quo is riskier than change. 

Young professionals are already in your customer base. They are the influencers and decision-makers within the companies you want to work with and they will make up the majority of your own workforce by 2025. They are on LinkedIn now and they demand video.


Social video is now mainstream in B2B marketing and adopting video is crucial to your brand’s survival. 

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest B2B social platform and the opportunities for your brand on this channel are limitless. In a digital landscape where anyone can post video content, the 29ERS empower our customers with expert distribution and video analytics. This approach generates relevant, high-quality leads, impactful awareness, valuable insights, and a keen competitive advantage. 

At 29studios, we know that blindly churning out video content without analysing the data behind it is not a sustainable strategy. The 29ERS understand that data is the secret sauce of campaign success.


Our D&A

How, when, where and why you distribute video content is crucial to the success of your campaign. But distribution strategy can be daunting and complicated. If you’re struggling with opportunity paralysis or you’re unsure which approach is best for your business, that’s where the 29ERS can help.

Our distribution and analytics experts serve your custom-made video content to the companies and people you want to reach on LinkedIn with a laser-targeted distribution plan. The 29ERS simplify and explain the analytics of your campaign with easy-to-read reports and a measurable return on your investment. 

The 29ERS have created thousands of pieces of video content. Our content has generated millions of impressions, thousands of hours of watch time, as much as 4x the industry benchmark click-through rate, and thousands of unique leads worldwide. These results could be your results.

Turn numbers into people, grow your business in new regions and achieve your goals.

Video data is the new oil and the 29ERS know how to mine it.