Daniel Reilly Interview

At 29studios we believe in taking risks, learning from results, staying positive and keep trying until you get the desired results. This chat with Daniel is a great example of this and the challenges of Entrepreneurship.

We welcome Daniel Reilly to 29studios. Daniel is a software developer, technologist and aspiring entrepreneur in Glasgow. Daniel currently helps startups at the moment and working on a new project which he kindly took time out to from to speak to Kev. The guys have been friends for a long time now. Since then have went to San Francisco, Silicon Valley together using the change of environment to get inspired of different ways and to collaborate. Both discuss their experiences and how this changed their mentality.

Daniel reveals his passion of “taking things apart and trying something new” which made him want to be an entrepreneur and talks about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, modestly confessing to his failures and what he has learned from this for future.

When you decide to become an entrepreneur it’s about the long game, it won’t happen overnight and it’s about learning from the results of failure and adjusting and pushing through the challenges until you get your desired outcome. It’s hard work and requires a strong mentality which both men have in abundance. Daniel is working on a new project which we are excited to hear more about on his next return to 29studios.