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The story of Verint.

Working with the customer engagement company.

Nancy Porte – Global Customer Experience Thought Leader

Ryan Hollenbeck – Global Marketing & Customer Experience Leader

The 29ERS are proud to be Verint’s Video Partners. Since 2014, 29studios has created hundreds of impactful videos for Verint across a range of live video production projects and video marketing initiatives.

The 29ERS support the global brand and the marketing team with world-class creative video content for their digital marketing and live events including their annual customer conference Engage and Sales Kick Off in locations across the United States including Las Vegas, Chicago, Orlando and Dallas.

The 29ERS also create meaningful customer stories that underpin the relationships between Verint and their global customers. Amongst our other work for Verint, the 29ERS have created behind-the-scenes videos telling the story of all the hard work that goes into the Engage conferences, content for Verint Virtual and much more.

Verint is a pure-play customer engagement company, specialising in hardware, software and support designed to create outstanding customer experiences at unprecedented scale.

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