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The story of CCL Food & Beverage.

Working with the labelling experts.

Michael McKenna – Global Sales Director, Wines & Spirits

Simon Pearce – Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Beverage Worldwide

The 29ERS have been on an incredible journey with CCL Label’s Food & Beverage division. Our partnership has evolved through delivery of a holistic Make Intelligent Video™ strategy that the 29ERS crafted specifically to meet the needs of the global teams across CCL.

Together, we have created an extensive portfolio of unique CCL branded photorealistic 3D animations and a full suite of impactful and intelligent videos. These projects have covered topics including smart printing technologies, embellishment capabilities and sustainability for PSL and Shrink & Stretch Sleeve.

The 29ERS have relished the opportunity to tell the story of CCL’s world-class innovations in a simple way with a creative flair.

As the global specialty packaging pioneer, CCL Label is the largest label company in the world and provides innovative solutions to the premium food and beverage market. Serving the packaging and promotional industry for over sixty years, CCL is the global supply chain leader of innovative premium packaging, promotional vehicles and comprehensive label solutions for the world’s largest consumer, agricultural and healthcare corporations.

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