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The story of CCL Design.

Working with the pioneers of decorative & function products.

Derek Cumming – Group Vice President

Stuart Miller – IT Director

Our longstanding partnership with CCL Design has seen the 29ERS create a full suite of highly-specialised video content. Throughout our journey with CCL Design, the 29ERS have leveraged our capabilities in photorealistic 3D animation to showcase the intricacies of CCL Design’s incredible products and innovations.

With a keen focus on attention to detail, precision and outstanding 3D design, the 29ERS have helped CCL Design showcase the complexity of their products while communicating a clear and compelling message across various highly technical projects.

CCL Design is an innovative manufacturer of UL labels, printed electronics, precision die-cuts, brand security applications, branding solutions and functional materials. As part of CCL Industries, the company is headquartered in the UK, with global operations in Asia, Europe and the Americas. With a fully integrated Materials Science group, CCL Design develops in-house materials and custom solutions for some of the biggest names in the electronics, automotive and industrial sectors. Its design centres and manufacturing sites are equipped with the very latest technology, and are operated according to strict security protocols.

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