The #29ERS Show Episode 37

The #29ERS Show Episode 37

Find out why we had the green screen out in this week’s episode, and get some top tips for filming with it. Also this week we catch up with Edrington to present them with creative concepts we’ve been working on and revisit our project with NDCS that we introduced in Episode 35



A few weeks ago the team travelled out to see new client Edrington for a strategy session. Since then we’ve been working on some creative concepts. We were delighted to get back together with them this week in our studio to present these.

After a positive response to our initial ideas, we’re now ready to take the project forward into the production phase.

NDCS Scotland

In Episode 35 we were out on location filming for our latest project with NDCS Scotland. This week we return to the project to pull together two additional strands into the finished movie: voiceover and British Sign Language (BSL) accompaniment.


Filmmaker Richi welcomed Jo and Holly to record a voiceover that will accompany the film that we’ve already edited.

Interested in learning more about how to record a voiceover? Read this post »

Green Screen

Also this week we ironed out the green screen to video a BSL interpreter who will be included in the final video. Accessibility is a key consideration in any video project. By recording a BSL interpreter in front of a green screen we’re able to include this in the final video and ensure that the content is accessible to its audience.

If you’re working with green screen some top tips to remember are:

Check for wrinkles!

Make sure your green screen is smooth and wrinkle free. You can try singing to it like Martin does if you like, although we’re not sure if this has any effect. You’re probably better off using an iron.

Avoid Patterns

Avoid wearing anything with a pattern on it if you’re going to be recorded in front of a green screen. Stick to block colours if you can. Also avoid wearing anything green, else you might end up just being a floating head!


In Episode 33 we caught up with Michael from Spark and Rocket for a strategy session. Michael’s innovative new product, Soundbops, is a unique educational toy that empowers music learning without the need for instruments.

As we’re running a full digital campaign for the project ahead of its launch on Kickstarter later in the year, this week we were working on the website. Al and Lynne have been working together to finalise the content and design. Having completed this work we’re now ready to move into the build phase.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our websites, then be sure to check out the AutoRek Careers site. This new site launched this week to help the company attract top talent to their team. Visit site »

As always we love to hear what you have to say about the show, so be sure to comment below and let us know what you think.

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