Our Journey with Beatson Cancer Charity

Our Journey with Beatson Cancer Charity


Beatson Cancer Charity support and enhance the treatment, care and wellbeing of current, former and future cancer patients and their families.

Our journey, so far, with Beatson has been an inspiring one.

Not only do we have a professional relationship creating powerful and effective video content, but on a personal level Beatson have supported many of our families. It is a charity that we hold very close to our hearts.

Working on various campaigns throughout the year, we have created content for summer and christmas appeals, fundraising campaigns, charity balls and event coverage. Since the beginning of our relationship, the 29ERS have produced a suite of creative, inspiring and diverse content achieving a number of different objectives.

When we approach a project we identify the problem and the solution. This allows us to establish what the objective is at the very beginning.

For Beatson, the objectives were:

  • To raise vital funds for the Beatson Cancer Charity.
  • To encourage sign ups for Team Beatson fundraising events.
  • To create awareness of their charity balls, dinners and to sell tickets for these.

As 29ERS, we are driven by our clients successes. It is vital that our clients get a return on their investment (ROI) and we are delighted that Beatson Cancer Charity have been successful in doing just that.

Their most successful campaign so far, the 2015 Christmas Bauble Appeal, raised a whopping £30,000 over a 4 week period.

For this campaign we created 6 movies. This included an anchor movie and 5 shorter social bites. The suite followed the journey of 4 inspirational families who shared their experiences on how they had been supported by the charity.

Here’s the anchor movie:

Being intelligent in our strategy ahead of filming, we were able to maximise the diversity of content produced. We cut shorter segments of each family’s story and also created a 90sec Christmas Memories Movie. This gave Beatson the opportunity to enhance their social campaign by pushing out a variety of content, of varying lengths that all served as part of the same suite of movies – enhancing interest and ultimately maximising their return.

These were distributed on the charity’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The YouTube video was also embedded on their website. A small budget of £50 was put behind the overview video on Facebook to boost its reach and engagement.

During the campaign the movies had 1,032 likes and 48K views. This is an incredible level of engagement over a short period of time, and results that we are very proud of.

We are currently in production of this year’s Beatson Bauble Campaign and we are aiming high! We are doing things a little differently this year and are set to create something very special.

Their campaign is set to kick off in November so watch this space, help us break the targets and raise a huge amount of money for an incredible charity.

Beatson is one of many amazing charities that we work with. As a company, charity is a sector that we are passionate about and love working within. There are a multitude of ways that charities can engage with intelligent video to maximise fundraising campaigns and results.

If you are a charity or social enterprise and you’re looking for some advice then please get in touch and have chat with us.  We would love to hear from you and help with your next video campaign.

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