The #29ERS Show Episode 36

The #29ERS Show Episode 36


Have you ever wondered what ‘rendering’ is? We answer this question in this week’s show. We also announce the winner of best 29-second pitch from our awesome February networking event. Plus this week we take a look at how case studies can help a business and the team are on the road… but where are they headed? Watch to find out!

Visual Effects

Back in Episode 20, we caught up with Siobhan. As our resident visual effects artist, Siobhan talked us through the early stages of setting up any successful video effects project: storyboarding.

This week we check back in with Siobhan, who is at the final stages of another project. One of the last steps is known as rendering. This is the stage where you take the animation and focus on the little details. It can be a painstaking process, with lots of little tweaks and updates, but it’s a vital part of the process to achieve authenticity.

If you’d like to see more examples of visual effects then check out our gallery page »

29ERS Networking

This week we held another of our sell out networking events. The #29ERS were up bright and early on Tuesday morning to welcome everyone to the studio, serve up some coffee and croissants, and help people make new connections.

We kicked things off with the increasingly popular 29-second pitches, once again offering a feature on the show to the winner of best pitch.

Be sure to watch the show to find out who won!

If you’d like to come along to our next event it takes place on Wednesday 15th March, 8am – 10am. Tickets are still available but they’re going fast. The last two have sold out at least 2 weeks before the event, so make sure you book your tickets now if you want to come!

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SCQF Case Study

In Episode 27 we ran a feature on some SCQF case studies that we were filming. This week the team were out and about again to record some more.

This time we headed to City of Glasgow College Riverside Campus to interview Steven. Steven recently left full-time employment and went back into education to pursue his dream career.

Case studies are a great way to provide social proof about your products or services. By using real people and real stories you can present the authenticity of your brand and build trust with customers and potential customers.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of leveraging social proof in your communications, check out this post »


One of our core values here at 29studios is #TRAVELOFTEN. We love to get out and about, exploring the world. So this week Production Director Pauline and Filmmaker Ellis were up in the highlands of Scotland, enjoying the sites while filming for a client.


Another of our values is #HELPOTHERS. We’re passionate about working with charities and contributing to good causes.

One of the charities that we’ve worked with a great deal over the years is Ocean Youth Trust Scotland. We’ve created multiple video campaigns for them, as well as creating their website. In return they’ve helped up achieve in achieving our #TRAVELOFTEN core value, taking filmmaker Ellis away to document a sailing trip to Norway in his first week!

Gillian has recently shown her continued support to OYT Scotland by joining the Board of Trustees. We were delighted to be able to offer up the Pirate Bar as a venue for their most recent meeting, where Gillian discussed planning and strategy with the other board members.

Calling All Musicians

We’re constantly looking for the best up and coming musical talent to showcase on The #29ERS Show. If you’re a musician, or you know someone who is, then get in touch. If we select your work to be on the show we’ll provide you with a music credit and mention on a show that has had over 130,000 views so far by a global audience.

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