The #29ERS Show Episode 33

The #29ERS Show Episode 33

In this week’s show Kev O’Neil meets Kev O’Neil. Yep. You heard right!

This isn’t some freaky Friday temporal paradox or multiverse sci-fi story, though. We met while filming with Edinburgh Airport for their Christmas campaign last year and were captivated by the story he had to tell.

Also this week we meet Kev’s first mentor, Bill Ruddy, who drops by on a trip from the US to catch up and see the studio. We also welcome the Scottish Chamber of Commerce, talk strategy around an exciting new product that’s launching on Kickstarter, and go behind the scenes on the shoot of an online training solution.


Kev O’Neil Meets Kev O’Neil

OK, bear with us, because this could get a bit confusing…

This week Kev (our Kev) met Kev O’Neil (not our Kev). We met Kev (not our Kev) while filming with Edinburgh Airport for their Christmas campaign. We were instantly captivated by the story that he had to tell.

Kev was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called myopericytoma. In fact, it’s so rare that he’s one of only 15 people who is known to have suffered from it. Kev underwent life-changing surgeries and radiotherapy while doctors and specialists worked hard to diagnose this rare condition.

Now Kev wants to tell his story to others, to help raise awareness of this and other health conditions, and to get people talking about it.

During his visit we set up and shot an anchor movie for him to distribute online, so he can start reaching as many people with his story as possible. We also advised him on the best strategy to engage with this audience so that his story maintains its momentum.

Bill Ruddy Stops By

We had a very special guest in the studio this week. Kev’s first mentor, Bill Ruddy, stopped by on a trip from the US. It was a proud moment for Kev to be able to show off his achievements to a man who had such an impact on his entrepreneurial career.

The visit also provided Kev and Gillian the opportunity to reflect on the US market and 29studios’ position within it. Having already worked with some great clients stateside, such as Verint, as well as having presented at Google I/O and YouTube, Kev and Gillian are preparing to take Make Intelligent Video stateside to help companies there engage with video.


Some of the team spent time this week embracing their inner child and playing with toys.

All in the name of work, of course.

Michael Tougher joined us in the studio to discuss his exciting new project, Soundbops, which is an educational toy that he’s invented to empower music learning in children. Michael’s goal now is to get backing from Kickstarter to bring his product to the market. We’ll be working with him over the next couple of months to help him achieve his ambition and realise his dream.

A cornerstone of this campaign is the strategic use of analytics data to learn about who the right audiences are for this product and then target them with relevant content.

Want to learn more about how to use analytics as part of your video strategy? Sign up for our Discovery Workshop »

IOM Filming

Finally this week we had John Toms from IOM World in the studio to film for an online training solution that we’re currently building for them.

IOM World is an industry leader in delivering health and safety solutions to companies across the UK and beyond. Training is an important service that they offer, and we’ve worked with them to find ways to deliver this in new, innovative but overall effective ways.

A lot of preparation went into the filming, as we had a lot of content to work with. The team’s main focus was working and editing the script to make it as concise as possible while still communicating the key learning objectives for the course.

If you’re interested in created on online-learning campaign then get in touch »

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