Campaign Management, Lead Generation & Analytics

Creating video content is an art, distributing that content is a science

At 29studios, our dedicated campaign management team builds the formula for your campaign success by continually innovating new strategies, fresh ideas and creative marketing techniques.

As B2B video experts, we know the secret sauce of launching campaigns in your industry. We know how to power your campaign with our marketing expertise, industry know-how and analytical insights.

The 29ERS understand the complexity and importance of campaign management which is why we take care to form a plan that will elevate your message and launch your campaign with a bang.

How do the 29ERS manage video ad campaigns?

Turn numbers into people

At 29studios, B2B video marketing for lead generation is our speciality. From our robust strategies to world-class creative and beyond, everything we do revolves around achieving the results and delivering the leads you need.

At the start of your project, the 29ERS collaborate with you to identify which metrics you want to measure and who you want to target with your video marketing campaign. Our partnership with you enables us to gain a detailed understanding of what you want to achieve and which people you want to convert into customers.

To ensure you gain as much value as possible, we tailor your campaign management and analytics plan to extract the results that matter to you and your organisation.

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