5 Apps To Use When Travelling ✈️

Whether you are the CEO of a global company, Director or a Content Creator you tend to be out of the country a lot or travelling domestically. #TravelOften is a hashtag we like to use but also a core value at 29studios. We travel all over the world whether that be domestically in the UK, Europe or the U.S. We have an international customer base so we are very grateful to travel to meet and do filming with them but also to get to see some incredible places. The power of travelling is a chance for us to reflect on fails and successes, achievements and improvements and also gain inspiration from the culture of the country/city we are in. The change of environment means we enhance and grow as individuals and as a collective team. When we are travelling it’s imperative to us to be able to get around the country and city. Also even more importantly to have a constant communication channel with our team at the HQ in Glasgow. Here are 5 of the apps we couldn’t live without when travelling the world to work with our amazing clients. In no particular order:

1. AirBnb
This is how we book our accommodation as it allows us complete flexibility while travelling. Sometimes plans change so it allows us to be able to sort this out rather than booking hotels and having to cancel and paying fees. It also helps when there are a group of #29ERS travelling so we can get the full apartment or house. The app is very user friendly and the experience we have had has been first class. You can read reviews on the accommodation and the owners which is great so that you know what to expect but usually all positive reviews.

2. Uber
Especially in big cities this is a great way to get around and you can manage your spending easier, you won’t get charged extortionate prices when it’s too late. Also the taxi drivers are normally very friendly and give you some tips and recommendations too which is great (like a free tour guide if you like). We had a recent experience when the driver was talking away to us which was great, he then said “Have you met my co pilot”. We turned to each other looking confused. He turned round with a small chihuahua dog that he had which was sitting on his passenger seat. It was a very funny moment on the trip (had to be there moment). It was a Uber experience with a twist.

3. Workplace/Work Chat
This is a fantastic and useful app for us. It’s run by Facebook and I would highly recommend this. It allows us to keep in continuous contact with the team while on the go. You can have specific projects set up in there and just 29ER team ones. For example if you have certain clients that you work with on projects, you can set it up with their name and all content relating to them goes in there for approvals, share ideas, attach documents, videos, images etc. So that whatever you need to ask about, you can relate it to each project or team. The whole team gets to see it and gets notifications but if needing a quick response you can tag an individual. If it’s more private to a specific member of the team then the  work chat app can be used, which is a separate app and more like Facebook messenger. It’s excellent as well because the team can all keep in contact when Kev and Gillian are abroad or the guys are out on a shoot. It’s very much a live app where you can go in and post straight away. It’s all private so only the members see this and you connect through your own Facebook profile. No one outside the company can see this, it’s kind of like an intranet for your team but more in depth.

4. Instagram = Instagram Stories
All social media channels are great as you can update live while away. When posting on all the channels it also prompts engagement and can allow you to meet up with clients that are in that area tat the time or going to be soon. It’s a very powerful tool and it’s been very beneficial for us over the years in meeting with potential clients or existing. Instagram stories is a personal favourite as you can take your audience on the journey with you and they are more likely to engage with you. It feels more real time and live and you get a real feel for the complete journey. Instagram has changed a lot recently as well with you being able to ask questions, do polls, add music and most recently use a name tag to be able to connect Instagram accounts by using a Name Tag. You can scan their name tag and it connects immediately which is a good feature instead of exchanging usernames.

5. Citymapper
Recently we used this more as it works for a lot of major cities across the world. We used it in London when our #29ER was commuting across London (which can be difficult at the best of times). We found this useful for getting taxis, subway, trains as it gives you the nearest to your location and gives insightful information as it gives you Tube and Rail maps which was very handy and allowed us to be more efficient in our travels. We would recommend you try this out while travelling and let us know your thoughts.

Here are some that didn’t make the top 5 but still very useful for us when travelling:

  • Weather app = Of course you need to know what kind of weather is forecast (Oh no I didn’t pack a jacket).
  • Airline Apps such as – United Airlines, Aer Lingus, Frontier, British Airways, EasyJet, Lufthansa to name a few. Makes it quicker for check in experiences and times etc.
  • Google Maps, iTranslate (helpful for not knowing the language), Train Times, Compass (Need to know what direction to go if really desperate).
  • Sprout Social – Allows us to schedule and reply to all social media in one place while travelling.

We sometimes use some of the Adobe apps if we are having to edit something quickly and it can be done on our phone but more often than not, we normally do this on the Mac. Here are some we have:

  • Photoshop Mix
  • Draw
  • Spark Video
  • Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Capture
  • Spark Post
  • Adobe Clip
  • Spark Page
  • Adobe Cloud

Let us know your top apps for when you are on your travels through our social media channels.