Siobhan McGuire - Content Creator


  • 2005: Spent two summers working and travelling the US.
  • 2008: Personal student film shown in the GFT.
  • 2008: Graduated with Masters in Animation from the Glasgow School of Art.
  • 2010: Worked on feature length CGI movie.
  • 2012: Gained television credit for work on ‘The Adventures of Abney and Teal’.
  • 2013: Studied Visual Effects at Escape Studios, London.
  • 2013: Joined the best video agency in the world!

My Story

With a childhood of obsessively watching Disney movies, I always dreamt of working in an industry which I loved. Alice in Wonderland was my absolute favourite, Alice my heroine. Landing my dream job at 29studios allows me the chance to create my very own Wonderland for our clients every time I sit at my desk.

Under the broad spectrum of Visual Effects, I can find myself creating something completely different and unique each and every day.  2D infographics: adding character and bringing stats and information to life, 3D animation: creating fully animated 3D characters and objects, to integrating CGI objects seamlessly into live footage.

Every day I walk through the doors at 29studios my creativity is pushed and challenged. I obtained a Masters in Motion Graphics from the Glasgow School of Art. After which I honed my skills by assisting in the production of a fully 3D animated movie, gaining compositing experience on a CBeebies programme, to the accolade of completing studies at the VFX haven Escape Studios in London. Each and every step of my journey has led me to this!

I never settle for “that’ll do” and constantly push the boundaries of my skills, striving to achieve the best for the client and myself.

Sometimes my best work, is the work you don’t notice at all…ironic eh?