Richard Craib - Content Creator


  • 2011: Bachelor of Arts Degree, in Graphic Design for Digital Media.
  • 2012: Started my own Freelance Film Business.
  • 2013: Graphic Designer.
  • 2014: Filmmaker/Editor at 29studios.

My role

It’s never been easier to create content. Anyone can pick up a camera or smartphone and just start shooting which means user-generated material is everywhere, but it can only take you so far. You need REAL storytellers who LIVE and BREATH social video, executing your winning strategies on-time and to a high standard!

I am in a unique position within the content team. My eye for design and evocative filmmaking style bring a multi-dimensional approach to 29studios’s work. There is a point in the journey with 29studios where the conversations, scripts and strategies need to transform into real living breathing content that excites our clients. I am that creative catalyst that makes that happen.

It’s my job to turn the words and concepts on the page into narrative led, moving images. My strong visual awareness and understanding of company branding comes natural to me. These have proven to be very useful assets for our clients and for 29studios moving forward.