Martin Cambridge - Content Creator


  • 2009: Worked alongside the team at STV.
  • 2011: Graduated from City of Glasgow College with a HND in Television Production.
  • 2012: Gained TV credits for work on broadcast productions, reality TV, documentaries and music videos.
  • 2013: Joined 29studios.

My Story

My obsession with videos started from a young age where I used to always take my camcorder around with me and film everything. Every family holiday would be documented and made into a movie to showcase to everyone! I was the Spielberg of my family and still am actually…

My career started with a trip to the STV studios in Glasgow where I worked with the team broadcasting programmes to the country. I studied television production at the City of Glasgow College for 3 years.

From then I’ve worked on many TV programmes including Big Brother, Don’t Tell the Bride, documentaries and charity programmes, and even a Belle and Sebastian music video which was great fun!

Working at 29studios is so diverse with every day being so different. I spend my days either filming with a wide range of people making them into movie stars or I get my magic gloves on and spend time in the edit suite.

In my opinion I have the best job in the world. I get to see things that people just wouldn’t see every day! I get VIP access to capture special moments and tell stories around the world.

I work with the best group of people here at 29studios who make every day fun and special.