Ellis Beaton - Content Creator

It was my love for video at a young age that led me to taking my first steps into the creative industries.

Whilst working full time at 29studios I am gaining a recognised qualification with City of Glasgow College as the very first apprentice on the 29steps programme.

My dreams have come to life. My first project was to join the crew at Ocean Youth Trust – a youth charity that delivers an annual programme of seafaring voyages. I set sail from Norway, with a camera on board and produced a video diary of the journey. This was an experience of a lifetime and it was doing this that proved I have what it takes to dominate the industry with my natural talent for the craft.

The day I returned I knew that my life had changed forever and that I had found my calling. Everyday I put the passion and excitement that I experienced in my first voyage into every project I do. The opportunity to not only advance in an industry that I love but to do this at one of the leading digital agencies in world is amazing.

To see opportunity you must first be open to the idea that you can do anything, this is a lesson that I teach my clients on a daily basis. Together we can make great content that is both stunning and result driven. I really do love what I do.