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#29ERS Show

The #29ERS show started producing in Summer 2016 as a social experiment, now with over 200k+ views and an International audience,  we have showcased Behind the Scenes at Scotland’s most progressive and pioneering Video Marketing Agency.  

The #29ERS show is an authentic, real and a true documented view of our agency.  By showcasing our clients we engage our audience, and have clearly demonstrated that having clients at the centre of your business is a successful strategy all round.  We are not shy, we embrace the opportunity to share the power that video can deliver, injecting our energy and dynamism into the eco system of our clients through our Make Intelligent Video model: Strategy, Content, Distribution & Analytics. 

#29ERS Show: EP.104 – 05.02.18


#29ERS Show: EP.103 – 29.01.18


#29ERS Show: EP.102 – 22.01.17


#29ERS Show: EP.101 – 15.01.18


#29ERS Show: EP.100 – 22.12.17


#29ERS Show: EP.99 – 14.12.17


#29ERS Show: EP.98 – 07.12.17


#29ERS Show: EP.97 – 01.12.17


#29ERS Show: EP.96 – 24.11.17


#29ERS Show: EP.95 – 17.11.17


#29ERS Show: EP.94 – 10.11.17


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