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10 Ways To Generate ROI At Your Event With Video

Your annual conference or exhibition is an integral part of business communications. It can also be the most impactful part of the customer journey. With so many customers, partners and industry experts in the same room, events provide an abundance of content creation opportunities. But are you making the most of these opportunities? 

Here are 10 ways you can generate ROI at your event with video content. 

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1. Build advocacy by filming customer stories


Customer stories are a great way for you to let your clients tell the story and share their experience. Interviewing your customers to produce an authentic testimonial for your brand goes a long way in establishing credibility in the market, building trust, promoting customer loyalty and attracting new business.

With the excitement that comes with a large scale event, this is the perfect time and place to capture evergreen customer stories that you can leverage across your marketing, sales and communications efforts for years to come. 


2. Showcase internal expertise by capturing thought leadership content


Another way to generate ROI from your event is to create content that showcases the subject matter expertise within your company. By capturing thought leadership videos with your top executives, you can demonstrate the complexity of your products and services, exclusive industry insight and more.

This can be done by conducting multiple interviews at your event that can be turned into multiple pieces of highly relevant and engaging video content. 


3. Capture the magic of your event with vox pops


By filming vox pops with exhibitors and attendees, you can document the highlights of your conference and also inspire the audience who didn’t attend to engage with your content and register for your next event. 

Vox pops are also a great way to share short, sharp and compelling insights on a variety of topics and FAQs. These can be utilised across social media to generate awareness in the market.


4. Create a library of content by filming key event sessions


Leverage your event to generate high value, informative and noteworthy content for your marketing.

By building out a video channel of long-form content from your event keynote speeches, breakout sessions, product demonstrations and presentations, you can create a learning area for your current and target customers. 


5. Elevate your market credibility by capturing partner stories


Similar to customer stories, partner stories give you the opportunity to establish credibility in your market by showcasing the strength of your partnerships and affiliations with industry-leaders. 

Partner stories also provide value to your audience by going deep into industry best practices, new developments, challenges and solutions, market analysis and more.



6. Engage your audience by filming fireside chats


By assembling a small film set for fireside chats at your event, you can attract attention at your conference but also utilise the footage to create an impactful video series. 

In the spirit of a professional TV chat show or podcast, you can create a highly engaging campaign from fireside chat content that delivers real value to your audience and answers their questions.


7. Capture behind the scenes content


Share the culture of your company by filming content behind the scenes at your event. This could include time-lapse footage of your event venue being set up from a blank space to a thriving exhibition, clips with members of your team working at the event and more.

This type of content is great to document because it can be utilised over again in future years as your event grows and changes. You can also use this content on your soft-touch social media platforms, showcasing the fun side of your business.


8. Film employee engagement videos for recruitment drives


With so many employees in one place, your event is the ideal time to capture content that can be used for your future recruitment campaigns. 

By interviewing members of your team on camera about their journey with the company, how they’ve progressed and why they love working for you, you can create a whole suite of authentic, engaging and personable video content for your next recruitment drive.


9. Capture your team, customers and partners with photography


Events present a goldmine opportunity to capture content and that strategy should also include photography. While you’re capturing customer stories, thought leadership content, BTS and beyond, you can also take advantage of this time to capture photography for your brand, team and customers.

This can include new professional headshots for your team, candid images of your event sessions, complimentary photographs for your customers and partners, and product display shots for your promotions. 


10. Generate leads with QR codes and landing pages


If you’re only gathering leads by collecting business cards, it can be difficult to quantify the ROI from your event. Instead, you can automate the process by including QR codes in your business cards, lanyards, flyers, in-event videos and more that will take your lead to a dedicated landing page. 

By populating your event landing page with engaging copy and impactful video content, you can see the analytics behind who watched which videos and construct a highly relevant follow up. 

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